Kinect Board

December 14, 2015
Category: Projects

Tools: C#, WPF, Windows Phone, Blend, Node.js, Javascript


Collaborative presentations and meetings are often require people to take control of the presentation on a single single large display. There is often no way to interact with the content that has been put up by a contributing member and replicating collaborative efforts can be challenging. KinectBoard is a system that allows all collaborators to interact with a large display on their mobile devices. Using Proxemity, users explicitly gain control of the board by standing up from their seat notifying others of their intent to speak. The system is intended for public student workrooms (such as those at a university library). These rooms have a typically have a non-touch display, a single computer, and hosts 2-4 collaborators.

User Research


A short survey on what people do on a large display. From the 15 responses gathered on social media, many people tend to use displays for a wide array of multimedia content which working in a group and discussing an idea being top choices.


A persona derived from the survey results. Use case: The problem he often encounters is having to share information together as a team. Multiple team members contact and work with various external contacts and need to present a brief report to the rest of the team at a meeting. Trying to gather all the files/links on a single computer can be troublesome.

Using the KinectBoard

Standing up physically explicitly informs others of their intentions to modify or contribute to the current discussion. Future iterations would include sending multimedia content (e.g. Youtube videos, personal slides) to the main display and be able to interact with the current content.
When a user stands, the user’s phone switches into public mode ​with controls for the presentation slides and an annotation drawing toolbar.
When the phone is held horizontally or flat on a table, the user’s phone goes into private mode where they can make personal notes.

Video Demo