Water-Rush: A Competitive Take on Orienteering

April 12, 2017
Category: Projects

Tools: Android, Java, Node.js, Unity3D, C#, Arduino, 3D Printing, Origami


Collaborative live data can be fun way to show real time data on the progress of a group effort. WaterRush is a physical game that combines the exploration mechanics of Orienteering with the competitiveness of Capture the flag. Two teams race to collect water frin wells and compete against for points. To do this, each player needs to rush out to wells scattered throughout the playing field. Players take their buckets (smartphones), scoop up water (NFC), and carefully take back to the team base to deposit. If the player rushes too quickly, they will spill all their water and will have to revisit the well again. Once water is deposited the point value is revealed to the player which they can plan to communicate to other team members. To effectively win the game players must find the most valuable well either through exploration, teamwork, or espionage. Once a team reaches 200 points — thus fully growing their flower — the game is over.

A typical setup for water rush. In a small park, six “wells” are scattered throughout various environmental landmarks. Players must rush to these locations, finding the best well for their team. Some paths are intentionally short and may have a high point yield for a short duration. Communicating this to your team without giving away your secrets is key!

Video Demo