March 18, 2018
Category: Mini-Projects

Tools: Unity3D, C#, Kinect V2, OpenCV3

I often find myself combining Unity3D and the Kinect V2 for research purposes. Sometimes I need to go a bit further and develop some computer vision algorithms for my projects and combine Unity3D with OpenCVSharp. So I put together this package to help get me started faster without having to setup everything every time. I found this useful even when I teach students when they needed to combine Kinect V2 and Unity3D in their Human Computer Interactions Proxemics Project. I even wrote some useful static functions in KinectCVUtilities to interface with Unity a little better. Of course I used Travis CI to help automate this build since it is time consuming to make a small change and put the package back together for a release.

Source (GitHub)

Glitch Fairy Bug

When I was developing with a much older version of Unity and OpenCVSharp, I encountered a weird memory management bug that generated a rather neat effect. I guess this was really more a case of a “feature” than a bug! This was fixed when I started using OpenCVSharp that used OpenCv3.

Enjoy the epilepsy free version: