Unity3D Package Builder on Travis CI

March 17, 2018
Category: Mini-Projects

Tools: Travis CI, Unity3D, C#, Bash, Docker

This is my attempt at trying to use Travis CI to build and deploy a UnityPackage into GitHub’s releases. It took me many tries and hacks to put this together. I originally wanted to build a Docker container to build and test my Unity package. This would significantly speed up the build time without having to install Unity on every commit on Travis. I built a Docker container with a base Ubuntu image and installed Unity 2017.2.0f3 for Linux. But the problem I ran into was that I was required to authenticate Unity using a Unity Professional account or enterprise serial number which I didn’t have.

This was really frustrating and halted my development further (although I still have my progress saved here). Ultimately I went with OSX which did not require signing in to a Unity Plus authentication. This finally helped me automate my builds for another project Unity-KinectV2-OpenCV3 which greatly reduces having to build a UnityPackage, package a zip, and update the release repository. Woohoo!

Source (GitHub)